About Cotherapy

Several are the scientific evidences about therapeutic effectiveness of cotherapies initiatives.
Priceless is the value of a child getting support from a music therapist, a mild dog or a smiling clown in a clinical setting while involved in a certain diagnosis practice.
Cotherapy profiles improve added value to our healthcare systems.

What cotherapy offers you

  • Information about cotherapies profiles
  • Comparison of coterapies profiles
  • Search for:
    • Training courses;
    • Job offers;
    • Mobility opportunities.
  • Publish your
    • Training iniziative;
    • Job vacancies;
    • CV (for training, job or mobility).

About Musa Project

logo musaThis portal is main output of MUSA project “MUSic performing and creative Arts professions involved in healthcare: a portal for VET promotion and mutual recognition of profiles cod. 539899-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-LEONARDO-LMP.
More information about the project are available here
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Co-therapies SurveyA survey concerning Cotherapies portal. MUSA project partners thank YOU very much for your precious time and feedback.
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Introduction to the Musa project

dott2Music performing and creative Arts professions
involed in healthcare: a portal for VET promotion and mutual recognition of profile. The use of creative and performing arts is expanding in the healthcare sector all over Europe. Cotherapies are essential for the production of a fruitful environment, to foster positive thoughts and feeling of happiness, improving clinical therapyes and care assistance quality.

MUSA project is started on the 1st of January 2014 and it lasts until the 31th of the August 2016. The main purpose of the project is to define professional profiles associated with arts therapies, which constitute important co-therapies to support tradicional clinical healthcare.
The cotherapies that will be examinate in depth are the following:

  • Musictherapy
  • Clowntherapy
  • Pettherapy
  • Art therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Dance and movement therapy
  • Occupational therapy



The partnerships of Musa project consists of seven partners from five different countries. The project group is very competent concerning the project topic, with regards to the national as well as to the European side, from a training as well as from a labor market perspective. These partners are very much aware concerning the problems and barriers on the field of VET/higher education, and they also know very well about the demands and needs of the labor markets in the creative and performing arts and healthcare sectors. Therefore, one can say that these partners somehow represent the State of the Art in Europe in this area.